So who are you cheering for during this Super Bowl?

Me? I am cheering for the red, white and blue team! 😉

Honestly, I am enjoying the commercials and thinking about all the work I need to do this week. I have a bunch of orders to get out the door and Simply Posh Models stuff to work on and packing and cleaning to do, lol. There truly is not enough time in the day! I have a lot of awesome things planned for after I move. When I actually have the time to create them. So excited!

Right now my most popular bow is my Strawberry Shortcake bow. It is an awesome little bow!

I have a limited edition Easter bow, I only have 4 more of them available! So if you want one you better grab one before they are all gone! Super cute!

Don’t forget to check out Simply Posh Models,, I am still looking for Models, Boutique Partners and Photographers! If you are a photographer you can register to work with the awesome Boutiques to get their items modeled!

Well, I hope your team wins! If not, at least enjoy the commercials!


Check out the contest going on….

Melissa Swecker Photography is hosting a contest on her blog looking for new models for Simply Posh Models,, my new company! So many amazing entries, be sure to head over and get your vote in. So excited!

St. Patricks Day and Easter is right around the corner. Be sure to head over and check out my new bows, and as always, I do take custom orders!